On Wed, Jul 6, 2016 at 7:57 AM, Max Rosenbaum <m...@rtechservices.io> wrote:
> I am having a play with the imdbpy2sql script. Having a look at the UML
> diagram of the DB, there are some tables that seem redundant as well as
> interesting naming schemes. In particular, the tables prefixed with "aka_".
> What is this shorthand for? A googling around hasn't revealed anything :(

AKA is an abbreviation of "also known as", for alternative names of
persons or movie titles.

> Also, in the upper right hand corner of the diagram, the aka_title and
> link_type tables have no relations, should aka_title relate to the title
> table as movie_id:id ?

Yes, exactly.

> and if link_type table needs a relation what table should it relate to?

That's used to identify the kind of link between two movies ("remake of",
"spoofed in", ...)
The relation should be between movie_link.link_type_id : link_type.id

It's strange that these two relations are missing, since they are both
specified in their imdb.parser.sql.dbschema entries.

Thanks for your analysis!

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