Even though you have 4GB of RAM installed you likely don't have 4GB available.  
Open Task Manager and see how much memory is available and if not a lot try 
rebooting and do the import with no other programs open.  I have tried to 
import imdbpy on an Amazon AWS EC2 t2.micro instance that has 1GB of RAM and it 
didn't work.  I then installed it on a Ubuntu virtual machine and it worked but 
I have 8GB of memory on my Windows 10 computer.  You should be fine installing 
it on your setup with 4GB but if it doesn't work spin up an Ubuntu virtual 
machine and do it that way.



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Hi, there!

Good morning! 

I'm trying to import the imdb database using imdbpy. But there are ocurring an 

After a while, the system shows the messagem: MemoryError

I'm not a expert, but I followed the instructions. I'm working on windows 10 
64bit, 4gb Ram.



Imagem inline 1


I thank you previously!


My best regards

Walisson Pereira de Sousa

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