Hi i'm trying to import the text files into MySQL, however i am getting 
this error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "C:\Python27\Scripts\imdbpy2sql.py", line 3072, in <module>
   File "C:\Python27\Scripts\imdbpy2sql.py", line 2958, in run
   File "C:\Python27\Scripts\imdbpy2sql.py", line 1641, in castLists
     doCast(f, roleid, rolename)
   File "C:\Python27\Scripts\imdbpy2sql.py", line 1563, in doCast
     pid = CACHE_PID.addUnique(name.strip(), miscData)
   File "C:\Python27\Scripts\imdbpy2sql.py", line 1017, in addUnique
     else: return self.add(key, miscData)
   File "C:\Python27\Scripts\imdbpy2sql.py", line 1010, in add
     self[key] = c
   File "C:\Python27\Scripts\imdbpy2sql.py", line 922, in __setitem__
     dict.__setitem__(self, key, counter)

At first i thought it was an error resulting from the a DB limitation so 
i tried to use the csv option, and the error was still thrown, so it 
should be a limitation of python on my environment.

I'm running this on an Windows 10 64 bits Pro, with an i7 with SSD and 
16gb ram, so it's not a RAM problem, however the python i have installed 
is 32 bits, which i think is the reason due to memory allocation limits.

Any ideas on how to get the data loaded to the DB?

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