i’m sorry writing this email to bother you, but i really need help about how to 
install imdbpy.
I’m using MAC Air with MacOS Sierra, python 3.5
yesterday, I’m trying to use “pip install imdbpy”  to  install imdbpy, but its 
failed because some statements not fit for python3.5.
then i fixed these statements, but when i use “python ./setup.py” to install 
imdbpy, it shows

  Aaargh!  An error!  An error!
  Curse my metal body, I wasn't fast enough.  It's all my fault!

  Anyway, if you were trying to build a package or install IMDbPY to your
  system, looks like we're unable to fetch or install some dependencies,
  or to compile the C module.

  The best solution is to resolve these dependencies (maybe you're
  not connected to Internet?) and/or install a C compiler.

  You may, however, go on without some optional pieces of IMDbPY;
  try re-running this script with the corresponding optional argument:

      --without-lxml        exclude lxml (speeds up 'http')
      --without-cutils      don't compile the C module (speeds up 'sql')
      --without-sqlobject   exclude SQLObject  (you need at least one of)
      --without-sqlalchemy  exclude SQLAlchemy (SQLObject or SQLAlchemy,)
                                               (if you want to access a )
                                               (local SQL database      )
      --without-sql         no access to SQL databases (implied if both
                            --without-sqlobject and --without-sqlalchemy
                            are used)

      python ./setup.py --without-lxml --without-sql install

  The caught exception, is re-raise below:

error in IMDbPY setup command: access to SQL databases wants to be able to 
remove imdb.parser.sql, but the distribution doesn't contain any packages or 
modules under imdb.parser.sql”

i even used python ./setup.py --without-lxml --without-sql install to try 
again, still same problem. i installed lxml, cutils, sqlobject even sqlalchemy, 
but always shows this problem.

what should i do to install imdbpy?

thank you every much and loo forward your reply

David HAN
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