On Tue, Mar 21, 2017 at 2:27 PM, Robert McGirr <rpm...@live.com> wrote:
> However, on updating the script reports that imdb_id's have been
> successfully restored, but they are not present in the updated Db. Am I
> missing something or what could be wrong?

Hi Robert,
no, you're not missing something.

The IDs (as seen on the IMDb's site) are not present in the plain text
data files.
Some functions - like the ones to retrieve the cover URL or the movie/personID -
will try to retrieve them doing a query on the web site.
If found, it's also stored in the db so that it can be restored later,
once the db
is update (removing it completely and recreating it)

So, at the first run, it's ok if the imdb_id column is empty.


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