Having some issues with my new install of 6.4 on my MacBook, running 10.13.  I 
get results that look weird or an error, depending on how I run it.  Hoping 
that someone can decode the errors listed below.

This is the command:
 /usr/local/bin/search_movie.py "FARTHEST, THE” 

When run in Teminal it produces the following output:

/usr/local/bin/search_movie.py 'the farthest'
{'data': [('6223974', {'title': 'The Farthest', 'kind': 'movie', 'year': 2017}, 
None), ('7168140', {'title': 'The Farthest place of the world', 'kind': 'tv 
short', 'year': 2017}, None), ('5000090', {'title': 'The Farthest Apple from 
the Tree', 'kind': 'short', 'year': 2015}, None), ('6169424', {'title': 'The 
Farthest I Could Find', 'kind': 'short', 'year': 2016}, None), ('0706377', 
{'episode of': 'Space: Above and Beyond', 'series year': 1995, 'title': 'The 
Farthest Man from Home', 'kind': 'episode', 'year': 1995}, None), ('6538134', 
{'episode of': 'Fractale', 'series year': 2011, 'title': 'The Farthest Town', 
'kind': 'episode', 'year': 2011}, None), ('1605791', {'title': 'Beyond the 
Farthest Star', 'kind': 'movie', 'year': 2015}, None), ('1315219', {'title': 
'Walter the Farting Dog (in development)', 'kind': 'movie'}, None), ('1383902', 
{'episode of': 'Eyewitness to History', 'series year': 1960, 'title': 'The 
Farthest Neighbors', 'kind': 'episode', 'year': 1960}, None), ('6509760', 
{'episode of': 'Suspense', 'series year': 2014, 'title': 'To the Farthest 
Shore', 'kind': 'episode', 'year': 2016}, None), ('6762336', {'episode of': 
'CBS Reports', 'series year': 1959, 'title': 'Farthest Frontier', 'kind': 
'episode', 'year': 1967}, None), ('6522138', {'title': 'Farthest North (in 
development)', 'kind': 'movie'}, None), ('0827626', {'episode of': 'Star Trek: 
The Animated Series', 'series year': 1973, 'title': 'Beyond the Farthest Star', 
'kind': 'episode', 'year': 1973}, None), ('1560191', {'title': 'The Farther, 
the Dearer', 'kind': 'movie', 'year': 2007}, None), ('3682684', {'title': 'The 
Farther You Go', 'kind': 'short', 'year': 2014}, None), ('4177286', {'title': 
'The Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth', 'kind': 'movie'}, None), 
('0168197', {'title': 'Sugar: The Fall of the West', 'kind': 'movie', 'year': 
1998}, None), ('0613891', {'episode of': 'Jackanory', 'series year': 1965, 
'title': 'The Star of the Farmyard', 'kind': 'episode', 'year': 1993}, None), 
('0687010', {'episode of': 'Rita and Wally', 'series year': 1968, 'title': 'The 
Farther the Better', 'kind': 'episode', 'year': 1968}, None), ('1992103', 
{'title': 'Carmen: In the Land Farthest from', 'kind': 'short', 'year': 2011}, 
None), ('4488310', {'episode of': 'Star Gazers', 'series year': 1976, 'title': 
'When the Earth Is Farthest from the Sun', 'kind': 'episode', 'year': 1987}, 
None), ('6069974', {'title': 'SAFAR the Story of Life', 'kind': 'short', 
'year': 2016}, None), ('1512230', {'title': 'The Farmer and the Stewardess', 
'kind': 'tv movie', 'year': 2009}, None), ('7880702', {'title': 'The Fastest 
Man on Earth', 'kind': 'short', 'year': 2015}, None), ('7652474', {'episode 
of': 'The Power and the Glory', 'series year': 1991, 'title': 'The Fastest Men 
on Earth', 'kind': 'episode', 'year': 1991}, None), ('0776144', {'episode of': 
'Jackanory', 'series year': 1965, 'title': 'The Fastest Animal on Earth', 
'kind': 'episode', 'year': 1967}, None), ('1217920', {'episode of': 'Skunk 
Fu!', 'series year': 2007, 'title': 'The Art of the Stink/The Art of the Fan 
Fan', 'kind': 'episode', 'year': 2008}, None), ('2666450', {'title': 'Pabbar... 
The Story of a River', 'kind': 'movie', 'year': 2012}, None), ('0836299', 
{'episode of': 'Last of the Summer Wine', 'series year': 1973, 'title': 'In 
Search of Childlike Joy and the Farthest Reaches of the Lotus Position', 
'kind': 'episode', 'year': 2002}, None), ('1315281', {'episode of': 'Martha 
Speaks', 'series year': 2008, 'title': 'Down on the Farm/Martha Runs Away', 
'kind': 'episode', 'year': 2008}, None), ('4179588', {'title': 'The Story So 
Far: The Findhorn Foundation Community', 'kind': 'movie', 'year': 2014}, None), 
('2423170', {'title': 'The Fastest Changing Place on Earth', 'kind': 'tv 
movie', 'year': 2012}, None), ('0701236', {'episode of': 'The Simpsons', 
'series year': 1989, 'title': 'The Father, the Son, and the Holy Guest Star', 
'kind': 'episode', 'year': 2005}, None), ('2358828', {'title': 'Harry Jerome: 
The Fastest Man on Earth', 'kind': 'short', 'year': 2011}, None), ('2033431', 
{'title': 'The Spectacled Bear: The Family Affair', 'kind': 'tv movie', 'year': 
2004}, None), ('2524500', {'episode of': 'This World', 'series year': 2004, 
'title': 'The Fastest Changing Place on Earth', 'kind': 'episode', 'year': 
2012}, None), ('0813763', {'episode of': 'Speed Racer', 'series year': 1967, 
'title': 'The Fastest Car on Earth: Part 1', 'kind': 'episode', 'year': 1967}, 
None), ('0813764', {'episode of': 'Speed Racer', 'series year': 1967, 'title': 
'The Fastest Car on Earth: Part 2', 'kind': 'episode', 'year': 1967}, None), 
('0787682', {'episode of': 'Jackanory', 'series year': 1965, 'title': 'The Sea 
Islanders: Part 1 - The Far North Bus', 'kind': 'episode', 'year': 1971}, 
None), ('3451142', {'episode of': "Asia's Next Top Model", 'series year': 2012, 
'title': 'The Story So Far: The Road to Top 4', 'kind': 'episode', 'year': 
2013}, None), ('0988556', {'episode of': 'Sworn to Secrecy: Secrets of War', 
'series year': 1998, 'title': 'Cold War: The Strangelove Factor', 'kind': 
'episode', 'year': 1998}, None), ('5759234', {'episode of': "Haven't You Heard? 
I'm Sakamoto", 'series year': 2016, 'title': 'The Meeting Between Sakamoto and 
Me/The Person Who Is the Farthest But the Nearest', 'kind': 'episode', 'year': 
2016}, None), ('1553256', {'title': 'Rio Blanco: The Story of the Farmer and 
the Mine', 'kind': 'video movie', 'year': 2008}, None), ('6912016', {'episode 
of': 'Naruto: Shippûden', 'series year': 2007, 'title': 'Ninja Escapades: The 
Far Reaches of Hope', 'kind': 'episode', 'year': 2014}, None), ('4071932', 
{'title': 'The Farmall Does the Job: The Farmall-12 in the South', 'kind': 
'short', 'year': 1935}, None), ('8134432', {'episode of': "Scooby's Mystery 
Funhouse", 'series year': 1985, 'title': 'Beauty Contest Caper/The Fall Dog/The 
Scooby Coupe', 'kind': 'episode', 'year': 1985}, None), ('5881246', {'episode 
of': 'Beyond Today', 'series year': 2005, 'title': 'The Shofar, the Rapture and 
the Feast of Trumpets', 'kind': 'episode', 'year': 2009}, None), ('4475778', 
{'title': 'Speed Dreams: The Fastest Place on Earth', 'kind': 'tv series', 
'year': 2013}, None), ('4619488', {'episode of': 'Starship Icarus', 'series 
year': 2014, 'title': 'The Fatal Flaw in the Star Trek Universe', 'kind': 
'episode', 'year': 2014}, None), ('1313449', {'episode of': 'Samurai Girl: Real 
Bout High School', 'series year': 2001, 'title': 'The Strongest Man on Earth 
Joins the Fight', 'kind': 'episode', 'year': 2001}, None), ('0005272', 
{'title': 'The Fable of the Escape of Arthur and the Salvation of Herbert', 
'kind': 'short', 'year': 1915}, None), ('2329389', {'episode of': 'Die 
Pfotenbande', 'series year': 2011, 'title': 'Auf dem Bauernhof Teil 1: Die 
Kälbchengeburt (At the farm part 1: Birth of a calf)', 'kind': 'episode', 
'year': 2011}, None), ('6370536', {'episode of': 'Space Pirate Captain Herlock: 
Outside Legend - The Endless Odyssey', 'series year': 2002, 'title': 'Voyage 
12: The Soul Drifts to the Far Ends, with No Words at Parting', 'kind': 
'episode', 'year': 2002}, None), ('6637796', {'episode of': '20/20', 'series 
year': 1978, 'title': 'National Parks: Crime Wave/After the Storm/Before the 
Fall', 'kind': 'episode', 'year': 2003}, None), ('2203516', {'episode of': 
'Casper and Friends', 'series year': 1990, 'title': 'Keep Your Grin Up/Herman 
The Cartoonist/Fiesta Time/Clown On The Farm', 'kind': 'episode', 'year': 
1990}, None), ('1413597', {'title': 'Walking for the Stars: The Foley Artistry 
of Nancy Anne Cianci', 'kind': 'short', 'year': 2007}, None), ('6130574', 
{'episode of': 'Siskel & Ebert', 'series year': 1986, 'title': 'Heaven and 
Earth/Grumpy Old Men/Shadowlands/In the Name of the Father/The Summer House', 
'kind': 'episode', 'year': 1993}, None), ('5441068', {'episode of': '60 Minutes 
Wednesday', 'series year': 1999, 'title': 'Martha Stewart: Past and Present/The 
Fattest Americans/Reviving the Dead', 'kind': 'episode', 'year': 2004}, None), 
('5118756', {'episode of': 'The Dr. Oz Show', 'series year': 2009, 'title': 
'How You Can Change the Fate of Your Heart and the Statin Answers You Need 
Now', 'kind': 'episode', 'year': 2015}, None), ('2354066', {'title': 'Into the 
Fire: The Birth of the Studio Art Glass Movement', 'kind': 'short', 'year': 
2012}, None), ('3366830', {'episode of': 'Steve Harvey', 'series year': 2012, 
'title': 'Steve Helps a Lumberjack Lady Find Love/Chef Art Smith/Dog Causes Big 
Problems/Dunk-Fest', 'kind': 'episode', 'year': 2013}, None), ('3784424', 
{'episode of': 'The Coolest Places on Earth', 'series year': 2013, 'title': 
'Beaches, Castles, and the Happiest Place on Earth: The Florida Keys, Norway, 
Scotland, and Croatia', 'kind': 'episode', 'year': 2013}, None), ('1477881', 
{'episode of': 'Across Indiana', 'series year': 1988, 'title': "Mia Farrow: 
Witness for Darfur/The Art of Living/Santa Claus in Baghdad/Who Makes the Sun 
Rise?/The Widow's Journey/Kaitlynne", 'kind': 'episode', 'year': 2009}, None), 
('4132412', {'episode of': 'Just Seen It', 'series year': 2011, 'title': 'The 
Skeleton Twins, the Most Disappointing Movies of 2014 So Far, Interview with 
Nicholas McCarthy & Ashley Rickards, More of the Best of 2014 So Far', 'kind': 
'episode', 'year': 2014}, None), ('6213270', {'title': 'Dom u poslednego 
fonarya', 'kind': 'tv miniseries', 'year': 2017}, '"Sketch of a Murder: The 
House by the Farthest Streetlight"')]}
    20 results for "the farthest":
movieID : imdbID : title
6223974 : 6223974 : The Farthest (2017)
7168140 : 7168140 : The Farthest place of the world (2017)
5000090 : 5000090 : The Farthest Apple from the Tree (2015)
6169424 : 6169424 : The Farthest I Could Find (2016)
0706377 : 0706377 : "Space: Above and Beyond" The Farthest Man from Home (1995)
6538134 : 6538134 : "Fractale" The Farthest Town (2011)
1605791 : 1605791 : Beyond the Farthest Star (2015)
1315219 : 1315219 : Walter the Farting Dog (in development) (None)
1383902 : 1383902 : "Eyewitness to History" The Farthest Neighbors (1960)
6509760 : 6509760 : "Suspense" To the Farthest Shore (2016)
6762336 : 6762336 : "CBS Reports" Farthest Frontier (1967)
6522138 : 6522138 : Farthest North (in development) (None)
0827626 : 0827626 : "Star Trek: The Animated Series" Beyond the Farthest Star 
1560191 : 1560191 : The Farther, the Dearer (2007)
3682684 : 3682684 : The Farther You Go (2014)
4177286 : 4177286 : The Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth (None)
0168197 : 0168197 : Sugar: The Fall of the West (1998)
0613891 : 0613891 : "Jackanory" The Star of the Farmyard (1993)
0687010 : 0687010 : "Rita and Wally" The Farther the Better (1968)
1992103 : 1992103 : Carmen: In the Land Farthest from (2011)

Which seems like a lot of extra info is contained in it, but it does produces 
the titles iI’m interested in.

When I run it via an AppleScript, I get the following error:

error "2018-03-15 15:27:03,218 ERROR [imdbpy.parser.http.domparser] 
DOMHTMLSearchMovieParser: caught exception postprocessing data
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File \"/usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/imdb/parser/http/utils.py\", 
line 516, in parse
    data = self.postprocess_data(data)
 line 84, in postprocess_data
UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character '\\xa2' in position 
6468: ordinal not in range(128)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File \"/usr/local/bin/search_movie.py\", line 34, in <module>
    results = i.search_movie(title)
  File \"/usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/imdb/__init__.py\", line 427, 
in search_movie
    accessSystem=self.accessSystem) for mi, md in res][:results]
  File \"/usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/imdb/__init__.py\", line 427, 
in <listcomp>
    accessSystem=self.accessSystem) for mi, md in res][:results]
ValueError: too many values to unpack (expected 2)" number 1

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