Hi all,
I had some spare time, so I released IMDbPY 6.8.

In this version:
  - #224: introduce the search_movie_advanced(title, adult=None,
results=None, sort=None, sort_dir=None) method
  - #145: names are stored in normal format (Name Surname)
  - #225: remove obsolete cookie
  - #182: box office information
  - #168: parse series and episode number searching for movies
  - #217: grab poster from search
  - #218: extract MPAA rating
  - #220: extract actor headshot from full credits

As always, IMDbPY is looking for developers; if you want to
contribute, contact us!

Davide Alberani <davide.alber...@gmail.com>  [PGP KeyID: 0x3845A3D4AC9B61AD]

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