I hear what you are saying.
Mea culpa.
You were correct that the browser was the problem. I checked it in Firefox
and there is no space between the body text and the attachment.
I have shared a screen grab of my google version.

I'm using Groupware 5.2.6
Imp H5 (6.2.8)
Winodws 10 Updated today

Quoting Simon B <>:


  On 13 Oct 2016 20:52, "James Woodward"
<> wrote:

 Thank you for your help.
You did at least respond.
I don't  think after that explanation you should have a good idea of
I don't see how a screen grab is going to help.
The attachment would be off the screen. You see that IS the problem. 
If you had asked for a source view that might have been of some use.
I really don't why dealing with Horde is seems so backward.
I never have to work this hard with any other system I deal with to find
answers to what must be
common problems. 
With a user base as big as it must be after so many years of
development...I would think dozens
of threads would pop up on google. There is nothing!
Is stackoverflow not option? 
Perhaps I'm just missing the point of Horde all together?
Believe me I hate to be critical of a group who doing the work for free
I am frustrated with what I am seeing. Hopefully what I'm saying will be
in some way?

  1. Top-posting will never help
2. Jan is a developer. The developer who might be able to help. I
understand from your problem description what you're seeing, but I don't
have a solution to offer.  At a guess, I'd say this is a browser
But if Jan wants a screenshot and you need two to demonstrate the
problem, then give him two.
3. If a screenshot of the view source would show 20-40 </br>s, then post
that instead.
4. Stackexchange might be an option - offer to moderate it.  It's a
community project. But the dispersed developers have chosen to use a
mailing list, for reasons that suit their free engagement.
5. The fact that no one else seems to have this issue, has posted
something similar, is offering a solution, points to this being a local
6. You haven't stated what version of imp and horde.  Or if you have
individual packages installed or the groupware package.  That's not
helping.  None of the completely voluntary participants on this list
know your system like you do.

  - have you tested/confirmed this behaviour in other browsers with the
same account?
- with a different account in the same browser?
- same browser, but with private-browsing activated?
- same account, same browser, different attachment?

  If the problem is in the code, then you're going to need to run a
stack-trace, or activate debugging code.  Can you do that?

  Personally, I don't use HTML email, but I'll try to replicate this
when I'm at a computer and remember.  But the last time I did use HTML
email to embed an attachment, I didn't have an issue.  But I'm running
the latest git.

  Professional (paid) support is also available.


Quoting Jan Schneider <>:

Please don't top-post and please reply on the mailing list.

Zitat von James Woodward <>:

Quoting Jan Schneider <>:

Zitat von James Woodward <>:

All -
Using HTML Messaging.
When I add an attachment 20 to 40 lines of space appear after the
The result is the Attachment Icon is pushed very far down the page.
Please advise on what maybe causing this.

I'm not sure what you mean, because we don't add an attachment icon
HTML messages when adding an attachments. Such icons are usually
by the receiving mail client, but you didn't mention which client
is either.

Thank you for responding.
To be clear, the attachment and its associated icon are located at the
bottom of the email. Therefore, to open the attachment, in this case a
file, I have to scroll down approximately 30 lines to see the
attachment. Also, the email sending and receiving client are both
That is, I am
sending the email to myself.

However, when I send an email from Gmail with the same pdf attachment.


the same account (my account with the IMP Client), the lines and or


Do Not appear. The attachment appears directly below the text.
Additionally, when I send the same email from my IMP client to Gmail
extra lines Do Not appear.

In my original message, I made the assumption that this was a known
- I should not have. I will be happy to provide more information if

Can you provide a screenshot or something?

Jan Schneider
The Horde Project

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