I created the file imp/conf/backends.local.php with only the following contents.  When logging in, I see no additional option to report mail as spam.  How do I enable reporting? 

$conf['spam']['reporting'] = true;&nbsp;
$conf['spam']['spamfolder'] = Spam;&nbsp;
$conf['notspam']['reporting'] = true;&nbsp;
$conf['notspam']['spamfolder'] = Inbox;&nbsp;
$conf['spam']['program'] = '/usr/bin/spamc -C report -u %l';&nbsp;
$conf['notspam']['program'] = '/usr/bin/spamc -C revoke -u %l';&nbsp;
Horde version 5.2.12&nbsp;
Imp version 6.2.16&nbsp;
Thank you, Art
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