Hello, I signed in here because I use Horde and think it's great.

Under Debian 9 with PHP7 I have the following problem:

If I'm under filters and wait a few minutes and then go to webmail, a serious error occurs.

Page not found:
in /var/www/horde/imp/basic.php:30

IMP_Exception Object
[details] =>
[logged] => 1
[_logLevel: protected] => 0
[message: protected] => Page not found:
[string: Exception: private] =>
[code: protected] => 0
[file: protected] => /var/www/horde/imp/basic.php
[line: protected] => 30
[trace: Exception: private] => Array

[previous: Exception: private] =>

If I update the page the error persists. Only when I clear everything in the address bar except for: https: // myurl / horde / imp /  I can continue.

Does anyone have a hint how to change that? Thanks for the answers.

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