I've got a new horde webmail install going on a FreeBSD 11.1 jail.
 I've got Dovecot set up so that it appends a domain name if one is not
 given, so that user and u...@example.com can both log in. The Dovecot
server handles imap authentication as well as smtp authentication from
postfix. Dovecot in turn gets its authentication via a MySQL database.

 When I logged in with horde webmail I used for the first attempt
 username with no @example.com suffix. I logged in ok, but couldn't
 send an email, gave me a weird error no address associated with host.
 I logged out, logged back in using u...@example.com the full address,
 and this time the message sending went through.

I could provide Dovecot, Postfix, and/or Horde Webmail configurations,
but didn't want to include them all without knowing where this issue
most likely resided. If it matters the web server is Apache 2.4.

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