Greetings Fellow Mappers,

As some of you may know, I am a GIS Specialist for Baltimore County, Md.
Since we released our data as public domain around a year ago, I've been
meaning to do this import. This week I had some free time and decided to
kick it off, just in time for the 10th anniversary of OpenStreetMap.

I've been working on this project in the open, as much as possible: at

The details of the import procedures are found on the github wiki, which I
will move to the OSM wiki periodically:

The intent of this import is to provide OSM users with the best and most
accurate street and building data my office has to offer. Our data is
thoroughly vetted, verified, and tested. It has to be good, because County
emergency staff rely on it in the field.

While preparing the data for import and consideration by the community,
much thought was put into the content, spatially and in data terms. For
instance, county address data is stored in all caps, with standard
abbreviations. The road names' case was changed intelligently, so that
roads like "McDonough" would read correctly. Also, all abbreviations were
expanded. More details on the wiki.

(A note on abbreviations given the recent discussions on various OSM
mailing lists. Baltimore County is meticulous and methodical about using
abbreviations in its data. Words like Mount and Saint are never
abbreviated. Only directionals (pre + post) and types are abbreviated. This
made expansion a breeze.)

Please review the wiki and github. Data is on Microsoft OneDrive

I welcome all feedback, and while I've tried to get it right the first
time, there may be room for improvement.


Elliott Plack
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