My mid 2011 MacBook Air 13" won't power up, and I desperately need to retrieve 
my data from the SDD.  Of course, I have to hope nothing is wrong with the SSD 
itself.  Apple Service providers are quoting an outrageous amount, and I'm out 
of warranty and don't have Apple Care.

>From whatever research I could do online, I've figured out that I need the OWC 
>Envoy 0GB Portable Bus powered USB 3.0 Storage Solution for Mac Book Air 
>2010/2011 SSD. Then, with the instructions found on 
>(second part on page pertaining to 2010/2011 models), I should be able to 
>retrieve the data.

Has anyone on the forum experience with this? Can you confirm that this is the 
correct procedure? I am in Mumbai, and would really appreciate any assistance.



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