Yes mr.Shantanu thats also a bridel snake only.. At is a another color form
of the same sps..
 U can make out a bridalsnake frm a wolf snake by looking at the head shape
as the bridal has a rounded head where as wolf snakes has a elongated
 head.. Body shape also changes by been very slender and long than of wat in
wolf snakes.. And bridals differ greatly in scalation fr example bridal
snake has 13 scale rows at the mid-body wen wolfs snakes have 17....


On 9/25/08, Shantanu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi  Mr.Selvan....lovely  pictures.
> the snake  in  your  second  pic resembles  the  Common  Wolf  snake
> very much.
> Are  you  sure  that  its  also  a  bridal  snake?
> How  can  Bridal  snakes  be  differentiated  from  Wolf snakes?
> Thanx  a  lot  for  the  great  pics.
> Cheers!
> Shantanu.
> On Sep 25, 10:52 am, "melvin selvan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >     Im posting the photos the Bridal snake(Dryocalamus nympha) taken by
> me
> > few years back .. Nothing much is know abt this beautiful snake as they r
> > very rarely  found nd observed.. Its very similar to the wolf snake in
> > coloration.. Have found 4 snakes in last 12 years of field work..
> >      Found two under tree braks, one crossing the road on a rainy nite nd
> > the other was rescued from a electrical swich board.. Seems to be more
> > arboreal in nature.. One of the captive spmn accepted small geckos at
> nite
> > time...
> >   They are very fast nd active snakes with excellent climbing skills....
> > Very docile at all times nd never try to bite..
> >
> > Regards,
> > SnakeMelvin.
> >
> >  BRIDAL SNAKE2.jpg
> > 1420KViewDownload
> >
> >  BRIDAL SNAKE3.jpg
> > 1452KViewDownload
> >

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