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*Eriocaulon robustobrownianum* Ruhland ... *family*: Eriocaulaceae

[image: Eriocaulon robustobrownianum Ruhland]

[image: Flowers of India]
 [image: Discussions at efloraofindia]
 [image: more views in flickr]
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*er-ee-oh-KAW-lon* -- Greek: *erion* (wool), *kaulos* (plant stem) ... Dave's
¿ *roh-BUS-tuh-brow-nee-AH-num* ? -- more robust in its habit than of
brownianum* Mart. ... efloraofindia

*commonly known as*: Mysore pipewort
 • *Malayalam*: മൈസൂർ ചൂത് Mysore chooth
 • *Marathi*: मैसूर गेंद Mysore gend

*botanical names*: *Eriocaulon robustobrownianum* Ruhland ...
*synonyms*: *Eriocaulon
mysorense* Fyson • *Eriocaulon rhodae* Fyson ... *The Plants List* (2013).
Version 1.1.

December 17, 2012 ... along Kumta Sirsi Road


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