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On Saturday, June 28, 2014 at 9:27:25 AM UTC+5:30, JM Garg wrote:
> Dear members, 
> Our coordinator for Gentainaceae fortnight has recently revised Canscora 
> in South India. Pl. see
> A taxonomic revision of the genus Canscora in South India, and the 
> erection of the new genus Canscorinella (Canscorinae, Gentianaceae) with 
> two new combinations 
> <> by SHAHINA 
> P.M. & SANTHOSH NAMPY*- Phytotaxa 164 (4): 201–225- 2014- (with *Keys* & 
> details to the South Indian species of Canscora.)
> *Abstract* The genus Canscora in South India is revised based on field 
> and herbarium studies and in consultation with types and protologues. *C. 
> pauciflora*, which was previously treated as conspecific to *C. diffusa* 
> is reinstated while *C. sanjappae* and *C. devendrae* are synonymised 
> under *C. diffusa* and *C. stricta* (= *Canscorinella stricta*) 
> respectively. The present study supports the exclusion of two species of 
> Canscora i.e., C. stricta and C. bhatiana resulting in the establishment of 
> the new genus Canscorinella and two new combinations: *Canscorinella 
> stricta* and *Canscorinella bhatiana*. The new genus Canscorinella is 
> characterized by the presence of actinomorphic corolla and isomorphic 
> stamens. This brings the number of species currently recognized for the 
> genus Canscora to eleven worldwide, six (55 %) of which occurring in South 
> India. Descriptions, photo plates and keys to the South Indian species of 
> Canscora and Canscorinella are provided here.
> Congrats to Shahina ji & Santhosh ji for the wonderful work.
> -- 
> With regards,
> J.M.Garg
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