Great work and service to the plant lovers over the globe. My salutations 
to this 'man on mission'.
DSRawat Pantnagar

On Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 10:28:39 AM UTC+5:30, JM Garg wrote:
> Dear members,
> Came across this post by V R Vinayaraj at Facebook. 
> Sharing with you for your information pl.
> "We know Sri. Dinesh Valke is an ardent nature lover. He has been taking 
> photos of plants for the last 12 years. Once he finds the correct 
> identification he uploads it to Flickr. He is on a mission to find out the 
> local name of the species in various languages. A continuous effort 
> spanning all these years. As we know Flickr is a private company owned by 
> Yahoo. It can decide the fate of images stored in its servers. Due to 
> license restrictions nobody would be saving it to other places. Now Sri. 
> Valke ji has decided that all his life long efforts are not a thing to be 
> decided by a company's policy in the US. He has changed the licenses and 
> ALL his plant photos, more than 20000, and ALL of them are now available at 
> Wikimedia Commons which will eventually be used in Wikipedia articles in 
> around 300 languages. Since Wikipedia is free anyone can download and store 
> the images which means scores of Universities and Scholars will be storing 
> them, in effect they are safe and nothing can destroy them.
> V R Vinayaraj "
> -- 
> With regards,
> J.M.Garg
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> thousand species & eight thousand images of Birds, Butterflies, Plants etc. 
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> per Creative Commons license attached with each image.
> Also author of 'A Photoguide to the Birds of Kolkata & Common Birds of 
> India'. 

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