Dear All
Thanks for letting me know. This name was supplied to me some years back.  I 
had assumed they had expertise, so neverchecked further.  I am not a specialist 
in the genus Clematis but will check further incl. with the person who provided 
the name.
Yes, the plant photographed does not match the images of Clematis ranunculoides 
you provided links to.
A lesson to all - always double-check IF you can! 

Best Wishes,

Chris Chadwell

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Thanks a lot, Chadwell ji.Catalogue of Life gives it (Clematis acutangula Hook. 
fil. & Thomson) as a syn. of Clematis ranunculoides Franch.Images of this look 
different at the following 
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My first offering on Nepal.  I am not as familiar with its flora as Ladakh or 
the NW Himalaya and as with the whole of the Himalayan foothills, the lower the 
elevation one goes, especially into sub-tropical and tropical plants, my 
knowledge rapidly diminishes!  Nevertheless, I have visited Nepal on a number 
of occasions and know something of its flora. This Clematis is certainly not 
C.buchananiana. I think you will find this is Clematis acutangula - it is not 
recorded in 'An Enumeration of the Flowering Plants of Nepal' Vol 2, 1979) nor 
'Flora of Kathmandu Valley' (1986).  Hooker knew the plant as is in FBI - from 
Khasia Hills (now Meghalaya).  Do not know of any images on internet.  The 
pressed specimens in Kew herbarium will not help much.
If circumstances permit, I shall contribute more about Nepalese flora.

On Tuesday, 4 October 2016 09:59:03 UTC+1, Saroj Kumar Kasaju wrote:
Dear Members,
Sharing some pictures for ID shot at the Chandtagiri Hill Kathmandu on 19 
September 2016 at 8200 ft.
Could it be  Clematis buchananiana DC.  ??

If so why color of flower is different?
Thank you.
Saroj Kasaju

With regards,
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