Dear friends and Lalithamba ji,

Among many names and their variants listed in ENVIS-FRLHT
<> for *Ardisia
solanacea*, I would like to get following validated:

   1. కాశినేరేడు kaashineredu
   2. పగడ ములక pagada mulaka

I hope I have written the above two names correctly; thanks to A
Telugu-English dictionary by Charles Philip Brown

నేరేడు neredu
(or నేరెడు neredu), though finds an entry in Brown's Dictionary for *Ardisia
humilis*, (synonym of *A. solanacea*), it looks like being used as a
generic name for plants bearing cherry or plum-like fruits. Thus using
prefix like *కాశి* (Kaashi, Benares city) will separate it from *అల్లో*నేరేడు
*allo*-neredu, *భూత*నేరేడు *bhuta*-neredu, *జంబు*నేరేడు *jambu*-neredu.
*నక్క*నేరేడు *nakka*-neredu, etc.


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