Thank you very much Lalithamba ji for validating the names rendered in
Telugu script.

When I searched for names of *Ardisia solanacea* in Brown's dictionary
I came across this entry:

నేరేడు (p. 681) nērēḍu or నేరెడు nērēḍu. [Tel.] n. The tree called Myrtus
cyminum. Rox. ii. 486. Ardisia humilis (Watts). *భూతనేరేడు and అల్లోనేరేడు
are other species*. జంబునేరేడు the roseapple, Eugenia jambos. నేరేడుపండువలె
as black as a cherry.

I now went on to search for *భూత*నేరేడు *bhuta*-neredu ... but was not able
to find which plant it stands for.
భూత (bhuta), most probably would mean - haunted OR shunned by people due to
some belief.

Hopefully, we will come across to know which plant this *భూత*నేరేడు
stands for.


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From: Lalithamba Avadhanam <>
Date: Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 8:46 PM
Subject: Re: Names of Plants in India :: Telugu names of Ardisia solanacea
To: Dinesh Valke <>

you are perfectly correct in writing

   1. కాశినేరేడు kaashineredu
   2. పగడ ములక pagada mulaka - plants with blakish fruits are called as
   Neredu  by common men.
   3. Syzizium alternifolium- as alla neredu; S.cumini as jambu neredu,
   Flacourtia indica as Nakka neredu;

In sanskrit Jambu phal means Neredu fruit .May I know what is the Botanical
name of Bhuta neredu
Thank you

On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 8:04 PM, Dinesh Valke <>

> Dear friends and Lalithamba ji,
> Among many names and their variants listed in ENVIS-FRLHT
> <> for *Ardisia
> solanacea*, I would like to get following validated:
>    1. కాశినేరేడు kaashineredu
>    2. పగడ ములక pagada mulaka
> I hope I have written the above two names correctly; thanks to A
> Telugu-English dictionary by Charles Philip Brown
> <>
> నేరేడు neredu
> <>
> (or నేరెడు neredu), though finds an entry in Brown's Dictionary for *Ardisia
> humilis*, (synonym of *A. solanacea*), it looks like being used as a
> generic name for plants bearing cherry or plum-like fruits. Thus using
> prefix like *కాశి* (Kaashi, Benares city) will separate it from *అల్లో*నేరేడు
> *allo*-neredu, *భూత*నేరేడు *bhuta*-neredu, *జంబు*నేరేడు *jambu*-neredu.
> *నక్క*నేరేడు *nakka*-neredu, etc.
> Regards.
> Dinesh

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