Many many thanks Lalithamba ji for the additional names, and the related
There is another name similar to already listed by you (and in ENVIS-FRLHT
<>) ...

in pogada mulaka refers to:
ములక (p. 1010) mulaka. [Tel.] n. The plant called Solanum, or Nightshade.

With other prefixes: *నేల*ములక *Solanum jacquini*. *తెల్ల*ములక *Solanum


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From: Lalithamba Avadhanam <>
Date: Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 9:03 PM
Subject: Re: Names of Plants in India :: Telugu names of Ardisia solanacea
To: Dinesh Valke <>

Dinesh ji,
In telugu it is called konda mamidi, adavi mayuri, and konda pogada also. కొండ
మామిడి, అడవి మయూరి, కొండ పొగడ- it is also given in CRC world dictionary of
medicinal plants. Pagadam means red coral in telugu, since the fruit is
reddish and round like a coral it is called as Pogada mulaka.
Kashi is another name of Varanassi/ Benaras, as all Indians know; but it
 indicates sacred in telugu,
thank you

On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 8:46 PM, Lalithamba Avadhanam <
> wrote:

> Dineshji,
> you are perfectly correct in writing
>    1. కాశినేరేడు kaashineredu
>    2. పగడ ములక pagada mulaka - plants with blakish fruits are called as
>    Neredu  by common men.
>    3. Syzizium alternifolium- as alla neredu; S.cumini as jambu neredu,
>    Flacourtia indica as Nakka neredu;
> In sanskrit Jambu phal means Neredu fruit .May I know what is the
> Botanical name of Bhuta neredu
> Thank you
> regards
> A.Lalithamba
> On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 8:04 PM, Dinesh Valke <>
> wrote:
>> Dear friends and Lalithamba ji,
>> Among many names and their variants listed in ENVIS-FRLHT
>> <> for 
>> *Ardisia
>> solanacea*, I would like to get following validated:
>>    1. కాశినేరేడు kaashineredu
>>    2. పగడ ములక pagada mulaka
>> I hope I have written the above two names correctly; thanks to A
>> Telugu-English dictionary by Charles Philip Brown
>> <>
>> నేరేడు neredu
>> <>
>> (or నేరెడు neredu), though finds an entry in Brown's Dictionary for *Ardisia
>> humilis*, (synonym of *A. solanacea*), it looks like being used as a
>> generic name for plants bearing cherry or plum-like fruits. Thus using
>> prefix like *కాశి* (Kaashi, Benares city) will separate it from *అల్లో*నేరేడు
>> *allo*-neredu, *భూత*నేరేడు *bhuta*-neredu, *జంబు*నేరేడు *jambu*-neredu.
>> *నక్క*నేరేడు *nakka*-neredu, etc.
>> Regards.
>> Dinesh

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