Dear friends and Vijayasankar ji,

Following Tamil names are mentioned at Biotik
<> for *Ardisia
மனிபுதம் (maniputam) and கோழிக்கோட்டை (kolikkottai)

They are also listed at ENVIS-FRLHT
kozhikkottai, manipudbam / maniputpam, narikandam

1) Would மணிபுஷ்பம் (manipushpam) make better sense for மனிபுதம்
(maniputam) / manipudbam / maniputpam ?
2) Does கோழிக்கோட்டை (koli-k-kottai) seem to make sense for A. solanacea
? Google text / image search does not display results related to plants at
3) *narikandam*, is a name shared by *Aegiceras corniculatum *with *Ardisia
solanacea*. Would it rather be spelled as நாரிக்கண்டல் ?


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