Interesting suggestion.  This is a new plant to me and I could not make any 
meaningful suggestions.  Not found in the NW Himalaya (if your suggestion 
proves to be correct).

As to *Leucosceptrum canum*,  this is new to me as well.  The flowering 
period (Jan) fits with the images taken in Nepal at similar altitude.  
'Flora of Bhutan'
says shrub or small tree in open jungle and forest margins, mixed 
broad-leaved forest, sometimes cultivated 600-2300m but *flowering period 
December to February which does not tally with late August in the images 
taken near Gala.* 

This species is recorded from Kumaon to Bhutan, Assam to SW China.  In 
Nepal at 1000-2800m.  'Flora of Kathmandu valley' says a small tree to 8m, 
flowers white or pinkish red on shady slopes in Oak forest to 2300m.

But I am in no position to support or question the proposed identification 
beyond this.   Cannot see enough detail of the flowers or leaves to comment 
further on an unfamiliar plant.

On Saturday, October 8, 2016 at 9:56:38 AM UTC+1, raj wrote:

> Dear All,
> A shrub around 6 feet tall was located near Gala (Height 8000 feet) Aug 
> 29, 2016.
> -- 
> With Regards,
> Narendra Joshi

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