Beautiful shots. 
DSRawat Pantnagar

On Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 9:44:36 PM UTC+5:30, ashwini wrote:
> I had seen this climber in May 2017 and have been keeping an eye out for 
> flowers. I finally found it flowering a few days ago and photographed the 
> aromatic male flowers. Upon reading a little on the species I found out 
> about the female flowers and that the petals on both flowers are extremely 
> small, almost invisible to the naked eye. I went back to look closer and 
> found female flowers at a different location. I will look out for the 
> fruits and share them here too.
> Here are the results.
> Some observations:
> Male (white-green) and female (purple) flowers on the same plant, female 
> rounder and larger than the males. Male has 6 stamens ca. 9mm long each, 
> pseudo-pistils x3 ca. 1mm, 6 petals less than a millimetre each. Female has 
> 3 pistils with yellow stigma, pistil about 1cm long, petals even tinier 
> than those of the male. Leaves palmate in 3s or 4s, alternate.
> Holboellia latifolia
> Near Gallu Temple, Dharamshala, HP
> 2000m approx.
> April 02-07, 2018.
> Thanks.
> Ashwini

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