Dear members,
*This is our tribute to Dr. Balkar Arya and his outstanding contributions
in building Efloraofindia, on Independence Day. His amount of contributions
can be assessed from the aspect that although his last major activity was
in Jan.'2015, he still remain at no. 8th in **All time Posters List*
<!aboutgroup/indiantreepix>*. He joined us
along with other stalwarts like Dinesh ji, G. Singh ji, Vijayasankar ji,
Nidhan ji, Pankaj ji, Tanay ji etc. in around 2010 and took our activities
to the peak.* *He was the first who presented eFI before the taxonomists in
IAAT conference first in Banglore and later in Delhi, with his great
vision, along with Nidhan ji. Power point presentation of it, can be seen
by downloading at **Files*
<>*. *
Since than we have followed his great spirit as below:
Hardly a week goes when we look at some genus or the other, in efi site.
We look into all posts in that genus, compare them with the keys available
in our threads, in efloras or else where online and with images and
specimens available online and in GBIF and also make their comparative
images, if already not available. We also seek guidance from our earlier
threads as well as well refer to the suitable experts. In the process, a
lot of threads with incorrect or no identification, are resurfaced with
correct identification.
Genus generally taken up these days, is one in which our members face
problem in getting proper id or clarity. Having images on most of our
threads, help a lot in the matter, along with the key features suggested
earlier by our experts.
So every week is a Genus Week in efi for quite sometime (It started in a
small way about four and a half years back when we looked at each
family along with all its genera).
Happy Independence Day to Balkar ji and to all of you.
With regards,

'Creating awareness of Indian Flora & Fauna'

Winner of Wipro-NFS Sparrow Awards 2014 for efloraofindia

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please visit/ join our Efloraofindia Google e-group
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world- more than 3,000 members & 3,00,000 messages on 23.8.18) or Efloraofindia
website <> (with a species
database of more than 13,000 species & 3,00,000 images of which more than
1,70,000 images are directly displayed).

The whole world uses my Image Resource
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thousand species & eight thousand images of Birds, Butterflies, Plants etc.
(arranged alphabetically & place-wise). You can also use them for free as
per Creative Commons license attached with each image.

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