Dear Saroj ji,
What a great contribution.  Hearty congratulations. We are proud of your 
Your knowledge is more than any TOP TAXONOMIST in the field of Botany.

On Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 12:51:50 PM UTC+5:30, Saroj Kumar Kasaju wrote:
> Happy to share with members!
> “I have a dream”- the famous line by Martin Luther King, always inspired 
> me to have dreams and that no dream is too big or too small.  
> And so a dream, a commoner like me dreamt of, has finally come true, by 
> taking a small step towards the vast Flora world society. It is indeed a 
> matter of great pleasure for a lay person like me to discover a new species 
> of plant “Thunbergia kasajuana Bh.Adhikari & J.R.I.Wood '' within the 
> valley of Nagarkot. This contribution towards the Flora world has been 
> made possible by Dr. Bhaskar Adhikari. I would like to express my gratitude 
> towards him for believing in me, for taking it to the summit and 
> establishing my identity within the flora science world. It has all been 
> made possible through your persistent follow up and encouragement. I would 
> like to thank my lovely wife Meera for her constant selfless support, my 
> two children Swastika and Sameer who always motivated me to follow my 
> aspirations, and friends and relatives who encouraged me in different ways 
> to pursue my hobby. This discovery is dedicated to my dear Father Bhairab 
> Ram Kasaju and mother Julum Kasaju, my birthplace Chautara, Sindupalchok 
> and the Kasaju community.
> (PDF) Thunbergia kasajuana, a new species of Acanthaceae 
> › publication › 341404773_Thunb... 
> <>Thank
> you.
> Saroj Kasaju

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