Oh! My sincere apologies for that. (I didn't know about this before – perhaps because I haven't used Windows computers in years.) I will have to report this to the swami.


Patrick Olivelle via INDOLOGY wrote on 29.12.22 15:43:
When accessing the first link in Robert’s message, I get this warning:

Malware Detected!


Based on The University of Texas at Austin access policies, the web site you are attempting to access has been blocked because it has been determined to be a security threat to your computer or the organization's network. This web site has been associated with malware/spyware.

If you have questions, please contact the UT Service Desk at +1 (512) 475-9400 or h...@its.utexas.edu, or your departmental help desk, and provide the codes shown below.

Your IP: 2603:8080:2a00:6b6f:c1c3:2a87:7bff:d6ef
URL: http://math.taralabalu.in/news.php?tp=1901
Threat Reason: Researchers or users identified possible threats.


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