On Fri, 12 Oct 2001, Michael Jordan wrote:
> The forty people whose names appear below have resigned from the
> Editorial Board of the Machine Learning Journal (MLJ).  We would

You may already know, or if not, find this initiative interesting

-Jaak Vilo


  The Public Library of Science is a non-profit organization of
  scientists committed to making the world's scientific and medical
  literature freely accessible to scientists and to the public around
  the world, for the benefit of scientific progress, education and the
  public good.

  We are working for the establishment of international online public
  libraries of science that will archive and distribute the complete
  contents of published scientific articles, and foster the development of
  new ways to search, interlink and integrate the information that is
  currently partitioned into millions of separate reports and segregated
  into thousands of different journals, each with its own restrictions on

  As a step toward these goals, scientists around the world have been
  circulating an open letter urging publishers to allow the research
  reports that have appeared in their journals to be distributed freely by
  independent, online public libraries of science. The response from the
  international scientific community to this initiative has been
  remarkable, and overwhelmingly positive. The open letter has now been
  signed by 28239 of your colleagues from 172 countries. Our initiative
  has prompted some significant and welcome steps by many scientific
  publishers towards freer access to published research, but in general
  these steps have fallen short of the reasonable policies we have
  advocated. We will make every effort to publish our work in, and give
  our full support to, those journals that have adopted the policy
  proposed in the open letter.

  It is now clear, however, that if we really want to change the
  publication of scientific research, we must do the publishing ourselves.
  It is time for us to work together to create the journals we have called
  for. We are working to establish a non-profit scientific publisher under
  the banner of the Public Library of Science, operated by scientists, for
  the benefit of science and the public. With your participation, vision
  and energy we can establish a new model for scientific publishing.
  Please join us in this effort.

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