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Subject: [jgroups-users] Revamping the JGroups workshop
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2017 13:38:59 +0200
From: Questions/problems related to using JGroups 
To: jg-users <>

I'm thinking about holding the JGroups workshop [1] in Europe in the 
fall and in the US early next year.

I'd have to upgrade the labs and slides to 4.0.x, and am thinking of 
revamping it as follows:

- Remove sections on distributed caching; this is done by Infinispan / 
JDG already

- Remove section on cross-datacenter replication (RELAY2)

- Expand sections on split brain issues, primary partition approach, 
eventual consistency,
CAP, issues with split brain and distributed locks/counters etc

- Add a section on jgroups-raft?

- Expand:
    - Common problems, their diagnosis and fixes
       - E.g. members don't find each other, frequent member exclusions, 
incorrect thread pool sizing etc
    - Monitoring with probe
    - JGroups and docker

Feedback is appreciated!

Any favorite locations? I'm thinking Munich or Berlin for Europe and 
Boston for the US...



Bela Ban |

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