Re: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/ISPN-8186

I've been looking at TRACE logs and what seems to happen is that is that 
sometimes, when the client needs to create a new Socket, it sends using the 
same localport as the Hot Rod server port. As a result, when the client sends 
something to the server, it also receives it, hence it ends finding a request 
instead of a response. Analysis of the logs linked in the JIRA can be found in 

What I'm not sure about is how to fix this... There are ways to potentially 
pass a specific localport to a Socket [2] but this could be a bit messy: It'd 
require us to generate a random local port and see if that works, making sure 
that's not the server port...

However, I think the real problem we're having here is the fact that both the 
server and client are bound to same IP address, A simpler solution 
could be a way to get the server to be in a different IP address to the client, 
but what would that be that IP address and how to make sure it always works? 
Bind the server to eth0? 

Any other ideas?


[1] https://gist.github.com/galderz/b8549259ff65cb74505c9268eeec96a7
Galder Zamarreño
Infinispan, Red Hat

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