Looking at [1] and I'm wondering why the templates have to maintain a
different XML file for OpenShift?

We already ship an XML in the server called `cloud.xml`, that should
just work. Having a separate XML file in the templates means we're
duplicating the maintainance of XML files.

Also, users can now create caches programmatically. This is by far the
most common tweak that had to be done to the config. So, I see the
urgency to change XML files less immediate.

Sure, there will always be people who modify/tweak things and that's
fine. We should however show the people how to do that in a way that
doesn't require us to duplicate our maintanence work.

Also, if we want to show the users how to use a custom XML file, I don't
think we should show them how to embedd it in the template as JSON
[2]. It's quite a pain. Instead, the XML should be kept as a separate
file and the JSON file reference it.


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