On Thursday, 2 July 2015 12:19:24 UTC+2, moriceau...@gmail.com  wrote:
> Greetings everyone,
> Please feel free to redirect me to any other place if this group isn't the 
> right one for this question.
> Problem: When I log to the administration panel : "localhost:8083" with 
> "root" "root" I cannot see the existing databases nor the data in it. Also, I 
> have no way to access InfluxDB from the command line.
> Also the line "sudo /etc/init.d/influxdb start" does not work for my setup. I 
> have to go into /etc/init.d/ and run "sudo ./influxdb start 
> -config=config.toml" in order to get the server running.
> I've installed influxDB v0.8 from 
> https://influxdb.com/docs/v0.8/introduction/installation.html for Ubuntu 
> 14.04.
> I've been developing a Clojure program using the Capacitor API just to get 
> started and interact with InfluxDB. It runs well, I can create delete, insert 
> and query a database without problems.
> "netstat -anp | grep LISTEN" confirms me that ports 8083 8086 8090 and 8099 
> are listening.
> I've been Googling all around but cannot manage to get a solution.
> Thanks for the support and enjoy building things !
> Hichame

Hi Hichame, an hedge fund in London is hiring a software/quant developer. Would 
you be interested? Please send your CV to l.yil...@tortorici-partners.com. 
Thank you. Levent

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