Is there a current method to alter the values of a tag?

Currently, I query the measurement, store the data locally, drop the 
series, push the data back with a new tag value. This is an extremely 
expensive operation when there are millions of data points. Is there a more 
efficient way of doing this?


> SELECT * FROM test
name: test
time pv value
1474328511474971500 changeme 2

> INSERT test,pv=changed value=2 1474328511474971500
> DROP SERIES FROM test WHERE pv='changeme'
> SELECT * FROM test
name: test
time pv value
1474328511474971500 changed 2

Is there a way to utilise 'INTO' for this operation?

> SELECT value INTO "test,pv=changedbyinsert" FROM test WHERE pv='changeme'

>From the API docs, this creates a new measurement called 
'test,pv=changedbyinsert'. Is it possible to SELECT ... INTO the same 
measurement but a different SERIES? Then, I can simply drop the old series. 
No large network traffic.

This is not a feature request, nor is it critical to a project I'm working 
on. I'm just curious.

However, this would be extremely useful for the case of individuals poorly 
inserting into the database. That data will still be important, but the 
tags may be messed up.

- Will

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