Hi Sean,

here is the graph from out NMS about memory usage


and I would say we have spikes, but they are not every 24h but rather every 30 
minutes and I guess it's because of our CQ we use for downsampling. I can post 
that CQ if that can help.

We are aware of cardinality when we designed our solution and currently we have 
81761 series which I guess it's quite ok for this amount of RAM.

name            duration        shardGroupDuration      replicaN        default
default         0               168h0m0s                1               false
seven_days      168h0m0s        24h0m0s                 1               true
three_months    2160h0m0s       24h0m0s                 1               false

Yes, we always have successful writes and we have 204 response returned by 
InfluxDB. By missing the whole measurement I mean that for example we have one 
measurement at 10:00 pm in InfluxDB and in our file (we do write data in file 
for debugging), then we have next measurement in 10:05 pm in both InfluxDB and 
file, the next measurement in 10:10 we are missing in InfluxDB but we do have 
that measurement in file and still we have 204 response returned by InfluxDB.

Remember to include the version number!
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