Is it possible to use the SHOW TAG VALUES statement (with all trailing 
clauses like WITH and WHERE) inside SELECT statement ??
Particularly inside a WHERE clause wihin the SELECT statemet. 

Let me try to use an example: 

I am trying to select cpu_usage metric from a Datacenter measurement with a 
tag called Building, I want to (sort of) search for when this tag's value 
is in the result of SHOW tag values statement for a different measurement. 

SELECT "cpu_usage" from sixty_weeks."Datacenter" WHERE time > '2016-10-16' 
 AND machine =~ /.*Rack1.*/ AND (*"Building" IN* (SHOW TAG VALUES FROM 
sixty_weeks."floormapping"  WITH KEY = "buildings" WHERE 
"active" =~ /$var1$/ ))

I haven't been able to make this work, so I am wondering now: is this even 
possible? and how to do it if yes? 


Remember to include the version number!
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