I'm in early stages of looking at Telegraf so forgive me if parts of my 
question are a little conceptually incorrect. I noticed the mysql input 
plugin is configurable, for example, as to whether it should 

However Galera's "wsrep_" values are added 
here, https://github.com/influxdata/telegraf/pull/1437, but they do not 
appear to be configurable.

Q1: Are these just gathered if they're present and otherwise ignored?
Q2: What if they're invalid or null? For example if you're forced to 
monitor a MySQL install that has the Galera patch, but is set 

It is my hope that these values will be always gathered if present, and 
that their contents (or lack thereof) will not matter unless I attempt to 
"do something" in another tool (presumably another tool in TICK stack).

Thank you,

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