Hello eveyone,
I started my discussion here: 
https://github.com/influxdata/influxdb/pull/2429 but the mailing list might 
be a better platform for it.

I am still using 0.8 and I am evaluating 1.0, before this particular issue 
I was pretty happy with the changes but I don't know how to handle the 
absence of NULL.
What we are currently doing is inserting a NULL value when the stream of 
data is broken so that a clear cut will appear on the graph, the issue is 
how to do that with 1.0, if a server goes dark for two minutes I want the 
resulting graphs to show an empty section, not interpolate the line from 
the last point, how are 1.0.x users handling this ? I don't want to show 
false data in our monitoring graphs...

After a quick look at grafana issues on this it looks like some users don't 
even know why their line graphs are connected instead of showing the 
expected void.
The "solution" mentioned in the issue linked above is to have a separate 
field to signal null but it needs support from the frontend aside from 
being a hack instead of a real solution, inserting 0 is also not an option 
as 0 is a real value.

Remember to include the version number!
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