Would like to find a solution to get count of distinct values of a field from a 

> select method, state, txn from MyMetric
name: MyMetric
time                method                 state        txn
----                ------                 -----        ---
1523868188606010538 SaveGSTR4_Start        Trigger_from ---
1523868188606044269 GenerateAckNumber      Start        ---
1523868188606054037 GenerateAckNumber      Success      TXN0000000000000622255
1523868188606063844 HeaderValidation       Start        TXN0000000000000622255
1523868188606090698 HeaderValidation       Success      TXN0000000000000622255
1523868188606122970 InvokeConverterApi     Start        TXN0000000000000622255
1523868188606137126 InvokeConverterApi     Success      TXN0000000000000622255
1523868188606158258 InvokeConverterApi     END          TXN0000000000000622255
1523868188606174781 ProcessMyMetricMasterData Start        
1523868188606182963 ProcessMyMetricMasterData End          
1523868188606191027 GenerateControlLog     Start        TXN0000000000000622255
1523868188606208896 GenerateControlLog     End          TXN0000000000000622255
1523868188606216588 SaveOperation       Start        TXN0000000000000622255
1523868188606288205 SaveOperation       End          TXN0000000000000622255
1523868188606303486 SaveOperation       Success      TXN0000000000000622255

> select distinct(state)  from GSTR4_LOG
name: GSTR4_LOG
time distinct
---- --------
0    Trigger_from
0    Start
0    Success
0    END
0    End

Want to get output of count of "Start" and Count of "Success"

Appreciate for any help


Remember to include the version number!
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