Joe Hrbek wrote:

I won't attempt to suggest any ideas to implement a global rule, but I do
have some ideas about the use of such a feature.

The reason I originally asked was to make my life a little easier. :) I have
a group of users, about 250 that are restricted in who they can receive
email from and who they can send email to.  It's easy enough to restrict who
they can email at the mta level, but the rest is more trouble than I'm
willing to put up with, so I use sieve to filter who can receive what.  It
generates more email traffic, but I don't care, we don't have that much

I wrote some php scripts via php-cyradm that goes through the user mailboxes
and updates the scripts automatically when I make a change, but I thought it
would be awesome to have a file that held a list of mailboxes, and whenever
a message was delivered to that mailbox, do some action.  Of course, taking
priority over whatever script the user had installed in his mailbox.  This
way I only need to edit one file instead of 250. :)

Granted, my scripts work just fine for me, but it could be better. :)

Sounds like the Sieve Include extension is what you want. You could just have each users script include your "admin" script and go from there. The Include draft is pretty close to being done, and I already have an implementation floating around somewhere which will probably get put into CVS when the draft os finalized.

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