we graded up to cyrus 2.3.16 a few weeks ago and since then the load average showed values from 200 to 300 a few times per day. The server has 16 cores, 64GB RAM an is attached to a SAN. This machine is quite powerfull. It serves about 5000 mailboxes.

First we "touched" user_deny.db to get rid of these annoying IOERROR-messages. These messages where replaced by (annoying) 'fetching user_deny.db'-entries. A normal IMAP-user causes about 500 to 1500 of such messages in eight hours.

But we found two users who 'generated' 5000000 (!) and 250000 of such messages in this period. After phoning them we found out, that they where using Mac OS X and Thunderbird 3 (the one with 5 Mio messages) and Mail.app (the other one). Turning off the spotlight-search on IMAP-folders immediately turned the load average down to a normal value (about 0.2).

I think we shouldn't advise 5000 users not to use Spotlight, we should deactivate user_deny.db. By the way, what is this database really good for? If we want someone not to use cyrus-service we deny this person by ldap for example. Kenneth Murchison stated in some mail on this list that user_deny.db is used once per login, that's definitely not true, it is used every time the client 'uses' an IMAP-folder and that can be pretty often! Maybe we can change this behaviour by some config?

Is it possible to deactivate fetching user_deny.db-entries by some config-option or do we have to patch the sources?


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