On Mon, 2010-04-12 at 15:32 +0200, Martin Kraus wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 10:12:13AM -0300, Patrick Boutilier wrote:
> > On 04/12/2010 10:05 AM, Martin Kraus wrote:
> > >Hello.
> > >   I'm using cyrus 2.3.14 on a mailserver and a few users are complaining, 
> > > that
> > >sometimes a message gets deleted from the mailbox after reading it. They 
> > >are
> > >using some sort of outlook. Users are using imap to connect to their
> > >mailboxes. Is there a way to debug imap communication between outlook and
> > >cyrus imapd other then using tcpdump?
> > Use telemetry:
> > http://markmail.org/message/4kigyucxzlrn6lc6
> That is exactly what I need. Thanks. Is there some sort of documentation for
> such features in cyrus? I can't seem to find anything beyond basic setup and
> what is in manual pages. Stuff like annotations (through which I managed to
> delete 30GB of emails), global sieve skripts, snmp configuration etc?

I maintain a chapter on Cyrus admin in WMOGAG

The rest of the document may not apply to you, but that chapter should
be pretty general.   Feedback and recommendations are very welcome.  It
certainly isn't "complete", but [not to toot my own horn] it is more
complete than anything else I have found.

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