On Thursday 14 October 2010 13:30:22 Marc Patermann wrote:
> Hi,
> Mark Heisterkamp schrieb am 12.04.2010 09:03 Uhr:
> > I think we shouldn't advise 5000 users not to use Spotlight, we
> > should deactivate user_deny.db. By the way, what is this database
> > really good for? If we want someone not to use cyrus-service we
> > deny this person by ldap for example. Kenneth Murchison stated in
> > some mail on this list that user_deny.db is used once per login,
> > that's definitely not true, it is used every time the client 'uses'
> > an IMAP-folder and that can be pretty often! Maybe we can change
> > this behaviour by some config?
> > 
> > Is it possible to deactivate fetching user_deny.db-entries by some
> > config-option or do we have to patch the sources?
> I have this issue, too.
> But there is no Mac involved. It is just Thunderbird on the client
> (Win*/Linux) side.
> I created user_deny.db with touch to make the one error message go
> away. Now I have lots of "fetching ..." messages in the log (2.3.16).
> Is there anything to do about this?
You could either upgrade to 2.4.0 as the user_deny.db code has been
changed there to only try to open the database once. Or I guess you
could just backport these two patches to your 2.3.16 release:


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