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The advice to move it to START is actually based on a recently discovered bug, referred to in that issue report (#2234).&nbsp; It /should/ be in DAEMON, but for that bug, which has been fixed.&nbsp; The fix will be in the next release.

In general, the mailing is a grand place to start, and IRC is also your friend (#cyrus on freenode).

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; -nic

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I am testing Xapian in a 3.0.5 setup on FreeBSD using most default
setting. If I start imapd with "squatter cmd="squatter -R", more and more "squatter" processes are created and eventually grabs all resources.

Where did you put that statement? You can't put it in the DAEMON section with 3.0.5. Put it in START instead. See this issue for more information:


A-ha. So it is better to look at Github instead of the mailing list apparently.

https://www.cyrusimap.org/imap/reference/manpages/systemcommands/squatter.html still advises DAEMON, that is why it ended up there.

Thanks to the advise above and I believe I got it working now.

One more thing though, if replication is involved, it appears one needs one log for squatter and another for replication, am I correct? I got replication to work only after I added another log, like,

sync_log_channels: squatter replog
syncclient       cmd="/usr/local/cyrus/sbin/sync_client -r -n replog"

Not sure if this is mentioned in the docs somewhere.



In general, for each consumer of a sync_log, a new log should be defined in `sync_log_channels:`.  I use the word "consumer" there intentionally, as the processes which use these logs actually consume them, and leave nothing behind (assuming it all works as expected).  So if more than one process tries to eat up the same log, you'll have problems.

The overloading of the sync_log framework for purposes beyond replication is new in 3.0, so we're still getting the documentation up to snuff in that regard.  However, the documentation already makes this concept clear in that when using more than one replica you need to specify more than one sync_log via the `sync_log_channels:` directive (see https://www.cyrusimap.org/imap/reference/admin/sop/replication.html#channels for details).

We obviously do need to produce more generalized documentation for this whole scheme, and I'll be using this discussion as a guide in that regard.  sync_log, as the name implies, started life as a way for the "master" server to provide a list of "units" -- either users or mailboxes -- it has touched, so that a replica knows what to request in updates.  This is such a useful concept, however, that it is spreading to other subsystems which need to know what might have changed in a potentially large data set (the typical mail store) and so we need to explain this not just in the Replication documentation, but in a more general way.

Note also that there is a `sync_log_unsuppressable_channels:` directive, which defaults to "squatter".  This is defined as:

       If specified, the named channels are exempt from the effect of
       setting sync_log_chain:off, i.e. they are always logged to by
       the sync_server process. This is only really useful to allow
       rolling search indexing on a replica.

If you are going to use a name other than "squatter" for your rolling indexing sync_log channel, then you need to update this as well.

Nic, thank you for the clarification, it makes real sense.

I do understand that managing a project like this is quite a task and v.3 is still young. Apart from the log issue and xapian I also stumbled over other undocumented changes related to FreeBSD only I think(?) in that binaries that before existed in bin/ are now separated into sbin/ and libexec/, meaning that your scripts will of course fail after the upgrade. I should produce a short writeup for the FreeBSD camp.



I've created an issue #2248 for this on GitHub, and have just created PR #2249 which addresses it.  Thanks for your feedback.

As for the FreeBSD path changing issues, that's up to the package creator.  Please let them know.


1: https://github.com/cyrusimap/cyrus-imapd/issues/2248
2: https://github.com/cyrusimap/cyrus-imapd/pull/2249

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