recently I updated my cyrus-imapd installation from verion 2.5.10 to version 3.0.5. Unfortunately the sieve filters stopped working since then. The rest is working fine.

The filters are listed in the sieveshell and all incoming mails get tagged with "X-Sieve: CMU Sieve 3.0". However even the simplest rules are just getting ignored. In the logs I cannot find any related entries.

My configuration settings regarding "unixhierarchysep" (on) and "altnamespace" (off) have not changed since version 2.5.10 (I configured them accordingly in version 3.0.5). I followed the entire upgrade guide by the way.

Furthermore I also tried adding a completely new account with a very simple new sieve script (mark as seen and move to folder; created by Roundcube) but nothing happens to incoming mails.

Is there anything else I can check? Is it possible to raise the log level for sieve?

Thanks in advance.

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