On 16.02.2018 15:37, Robert Stepanek wrote:
Thanks for making this more clear to me :)

On Fri, Feb 16, 2018, at 11:07, Vladislav Kurz wrote:
The problem is that headers with non-ascii chars are encoded in form
like this:
Subject: =?UTF-8?B?UmU6I.....gVG9v?=
And also the body is sometimes completely in base64, even though it is
just plaintext or HTML in UTF-8. Depends on sender's mail client.
AFAIK the Sieve implementation in Cyrus 2.5 fully implements RFC 5228, 
including the string comparison requirements of section 2.7 [1]. That is, it 
implements the ascii-casemap and octet collations. It decodes MIME headers to 
UTF-8 before matching (e.g. see [2] and [3]). The RFC 5173 Sieve body extension 
is also supported [4].

Eugene, does that work for you?

Yes, thanks, I experimented and found that it's fully working, thanks a lot (I'm truly impressed).

But my users kind of demand more and more :), now they want not only the header/body search, but also sorting out the letters to the folders that contain the localized symbols. So, it's working fine when a folder is named 'Junk e-mail', but when it's named 'Спам', this stops working. Of course, the workaround is to determine on-disk name of the folder, this can be done by ls'ing the folder name on the disk, but only few users can ssh to server, so the rest have a choice of either using latin names for folders or to ask their system engineer. So I wanted to ask - is there any more elegant solution ?


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