I asked this question on IRC yesterday, but I didn't get any response. Maybe someone here knows?

[4:08pm] hagedose: Is it expected behavior that a replicated RENAME leaves an „empy“ mboxlist entry? [4:08pm] hagedose: We’re experimenting with replication from a 2.4.20 server to a 3.0.5 server. [4:09pm] hagedose: We used sync_client -u to replicate a user, then deleted a mailbox on the master and synced again, to find out if the delet would be sent to the replica. [4:10pm] hagedose: It is sent: „APPLY RENAME %(OLDMBOXNAME user.testuser-clotho1.diesisteintest NEWMBOXNAME DELETED.user.testuser-clotho1.diesisteintest.5A8D8932 PARTITION imap2“ [4:10pm] hagedose: On the master the original mailbox doesn’t appear in ctl_mboxlist -d, but on the replica it looks like this now:
[4:11pm] hagedose: user.testuser-clotho1.diesisteintest 16 (null)
[4:12pm] hagedose: I’m not sure if that is harmless or not?!

FWIW, when I do an IMAP LIST for that account, the mailbox with the "(null)" partition is not listed. So I guess it's just cosmetic, but I'd like to be sure it won't cause problems down the road.
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