Ah… we use different meaning for the “SPAM” folder! For me it’s where I place 
mail that was wrongly classified as HAM. Mail classified as SPAM go to the 
“quarantine” folder (that get’s purged by Cyrus after X days).

You are talking about moving files out of “quarantine” and using a notification 
to trigger the retraining. That’s indeed a nice idea! 

I see a 2 ways to handle it:

- Enqueue for later processing
- Make notifyd pass the job to another process (like a daemon)

The problem with any of this methods (really with any solution based on 
notifications that is not completely handled in the notification processing) is 
that the use may further move the message.

One option is to make a copy of the message to another (reserved) folder. I may 
be wrong, but my guess is that Cyrus will just link the messages, so it can be 
quick. If not I guess it can be linked during the notification processing. Need 
to check.


> On Mar 12, 2018, at 2:20 PM, Luca Olivetti <l...@wetron.es> wrote:
> El 12/03/18 a les 18:07, Arnaldo Viegas de Lima ha escrit:
>> I run a separate daemon that periodically checks the spam folder, perform 
>> the necessary “training” actions and then remove the message.
> That's what I've been doing for many years (using a couple of shared folder 
> where users have to move messages that have been wrongly classified)  but I 
> wanted to make it simpler, like the dovecot antispam plugin, where it is 
> enough to move a message in/out of the personal spam folder to trigger a 
> retrain.
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