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> Quoting Albert Shih <albert.s...@obspm.fr>:
> > Hi everyone.
> >
> > Totally new in the world of cyrusimapd, I'm trying to migrate my current
> > imap server from dovecot to cyrusimapd.
> >
> welcome to the list.


> > I'm still in the prototype stage.
> >
> > I've ~ 4To of mailbox for ~ 2000 users.
> >
> > I would like to know what's the best way to migrate all mailbox and
> > subscription.
> >
> Using IMAP is the best way I can think of to migrate the Mails.
> Depending of the tool you use it might not be the fastest way but
> you can migrate all information with out worrying about the on disk
> formats. May years ago (~10), at the time we migrated form UW-Imap to Cyrus
> we uses imapcopy (it was part of the UW-Imap library) because it
> was much faster as imapsync aat that time.

Ok. That's also my guessing.

> Cyrus allows admins to proxy authenticate for users, if the sasl mech
> support it (PLAIN does suppot it, LOGIN does not)
> https://www.cyrusimap.org/sasl/sasl/authentication_mechanisms.html
> It seems like the following imapsync options allow you to use proxy
> authentication
> --authmech1 --authmech2
> --authuser1 --authuser2
> --proxyauth1 --proxyauth2

I'm not sure to understand how proxyauth works. I google it and find lots
of doc about...proxy imap.

Currently I need to authenticate my user against a LDAP(openldap), so I 
saslauthd with ldap and works perfectly.

So one of my solution is to have a getpwent (local passwd) with real login
and fake password. And after the migration switch to ldap auth.

Thanks for your help.

Albert SHIH
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