Quoting Albert Shih <albert.s...@obspm.fr>:

It seems like the following imapsync options allow you to use proxy

--authmech1 --authmech2
--authuser1 --authuser2
--proxyauth1 --proxyauth2

I'm not sure to understand how proxyauth works. I google it and find lots
of doc about...proxy imap.

Currently I need to authenticate my user against a LDAP(openldap), so I configure
saslauthd with ldap and works perfectly.

So one of my solution is to have a getpwent (local passwd) with real login
and fake password. And after the migration switch to ldap auth.

This will work but it is not necessary.

imapsync --host1 oldserver.yourdomain --port1 143 --authmech1 PLAIN --proxyauth1 --authuser1 DovecotAdmin --user1 UserYouWantToMigrate --password1 DovecotAdminPW --host2 newserver.yourdomain --port1 143 --authmech2 PLAIN --proxyauth2 --authuser2 CyrusAdmin --user2 UserYouWantToMigrate --password2 CyrusAdminPW

Depending on your setup you will need other settings as well, and you may want to use the
passfile options so that the adminpassword is not shown in the process list

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