GNU Virtual Private Ethernet (GVPE) version 3.1 has been released. GVPE
implements a many-to-many VPN using a variety of transport protoocols
(UDP, TCP, RAW IP, ICMP, DNS) where nodes do not have to trust each other.

The new release can be found at the usual place:

This release is mostly a maintenance release with very few code changes.

The only two noteworthy changes (and sole reason for the release) are:

- LibreSSL is now officially supported. This required no changes, the
  difference being mainly that this release has been officially sanctioned
  to work with LibreSSL, while previous releases have not even been tested
  with it.

- Due to popular demand, the OpenSSL 1.1 API is now reluctantly supported,
  but strongly recommended against due to security concerns: configure
  will display a stern warning, but the code will do its best.

Binaries configured in the same way linked against OpenSSL 1.0, 1.1 and
LibreSSL should be transparently interoperable with each other and version
3.0 binaries.

If version 3.0 works for you there is no reason to update.

Online manpages and the source code repository can be found at:

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